2016 Course Obstacles

Each year we modify our old obstacles and add new obstacles to courses.  Here’s a quick look at some of what’s in store for the 2017 Beast.  Keep checking back for updates as we work towards finalizing our 2017 Barber Beast on the Bay Obstacles!


Obstacle  Description
One Bell of a Start

Participants will begin the course by running out to the North Pier and scale a wall equipped with a small ledge and protruding pegs to ring a bell, signaling that they have completed their first obstacle.

Slog & Splash After a short shore run, trudge through thigh high water 75 feet to circle around a barrier and trudge back to the shore.  
Chafe Machine Participants will crawl under tarps stretching across the beach. Ends of tarps are weighted down making it difficult to move ahead.
No Monkeying Around Participants must channel their "inner primate" to make it across this set of monkey bars. After completing those get ready for another arm workout as you hit a section of pipe that you’ll have to use your upper body to scale across. 
Marsh Madness Running sounds easy, until participants have to do it through the Phragmites--the muddiest, muckiest part of the park.
Teeter Totter Crawl up into a tube until you feel the obstacle start to teeter. Then hold on and lean forward to lower the pipe to a downward angle using your own body weight! 
Hit the Deck Time to get down and dirty. Stay low, and try to crawl as fast as you can to make it out of the fabricated barbed wire jungle. 
Double Duty Pipe Roll Get down and crawl your way through 20 ft.  pipes and then hurdle over the pipes you just crawled through. 
Charlotte’s Revenge Fight your way through a maze of bungee cords stretched across a tree covered path.    
Are you Tire-d Participants swing across 4 ropes with tires attached on the bottom without touching the ground. Completed it? Good, now do it two more times. 
Down N’ Out You’ll be crawling under logs and through sand trenches to get to the other side.   
Weight A Minute Participants crawl their way under rope to reach the end all while dragging a weighted sand bag. Think you’re done? Now run the bag back to the start to move on. 
Trench Warfare Participants will fill buckets with water and carry them through a serpentine of hills and valleys.
Hitting the (8 Foot) Wall Participants climb vertically up an 8 ft wall with the help of randomized wooden blocks in an upright row. You'll have to use upper body strength to pull yourself to the next block. Once participants reach the top they will have to climb down the opposite side the same way.
Triangles of Terror Speed is a factor in this obstacle where participants will leap from alternating triangles without touching the ground.
Crawl Wall Participants will crawl across a wall with foot grips that angle up and then bring you back down.
Walking the Plank Scale across an elevated log suspended by chains.  Then walk another zig-zagged walk plank. Hope you have good balance!
Solider On Participants scale up the trusses and climb down the other side. 
Over Under Scale this obstacle like a soldier by weaving over and under the logs.
GET LOCO The Erie GE locomotive is back again: scale across a narrow ledge to cross as water cascades down over participants.  Two sides are created to reduce wait times.
Bicep Buster Participants use their hands and feet to shimmy across this obstacle.
Mogul Mania Have you ever tried skiing over a mogul? Running over one can be even harder--especially if the moguls are in the sand.
Tire Slalom Weave between cones with large truck tires in a zig zag pattern. Different sizes of tires are available.
Beast Backbreaker This is an opportunity to share an obstacle with adapted course participants who you will help to get up and down a ramp while in a wheelchair. 
Wave Goodbye Almost there!  Battle through those four foot waves to get across the wave pool and climb out the other end.
Angle Wrangle This takes wall climbing to a new level. Participants have to climb over three walls all tilted at different angles.  As participants start to tire, each wall becomes just a little bit more difficult.








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