I Beast for

I Beast In Honor Of

Who inspires you?  It can be tough to “beat the Beast” and motivation comes in different forms.  Some people are inspired by a person in their lives living with a disability, a parent or teacher who has encouraged them, or a friend who has overcome their own challenges.

“I Beast 4” lets participants recognize those people who inspire them. Below are the names of our participants who are “beasting” in honor of someone special in their lives.  

Running the Beast for in honor or memory of someone? Use #IBEAST4 to let everyone know the reason for your Beast season!

Participant Name

In Honor

Andrzejczak, Desirae

Garrett Lighg

Angiolelli, Lisa

Mathew Serafin

Askey, Brett

Ryder Farrington and Brady McMillan!

Askey, Douglas

Ryder Farrington

Askey, Heather

Brady and Ryder!

Baker, James

The great folks at the Barber Center

Barber, Patrick

The children and adults of BNI

Bednez, Corrie

Hailie Klark

Bellotti, Marc

Law Enforcement Officers

Bender, Kaylan

Debbie Samec

Bennett, Michelle


Bibza, Dawn

U.S. Soldiers

Bimber, Tammy

Sharon Rogers

Bird, Isn

My buddy Chris Barnes, who is now in the marines. I Beat the Beast with him for my first time.

Boisvert, Nathan


Bowers, Barbara

My family

Boyd, Robin


Burrows, Richard

Logan Burrows

Celaschi, Ryan

All military service members

Cheeseman, Ellsworth

My son, Blaize

Connell, Gene

Anne C.

Cooper, Donald

Armed Forces

Coppersmith, Amy

Robert Lehman

Crocker, Brooke

Mathew Serafin

Daire, Debbie

Sophie and Seth

Dobrich, James

Blaize Cheeseman

Draughn, Jessica

Leah Spellman

Draughn, John

Leah Spellman

Drummond, Sawyer


Dworzanski, Joe

My dad

Edmiston, Dawn

Me & my MS Fight

Feichter, Ann

Ralph Feichter

Ferloin, Vince


Fleming, Elizabeth

Mies “The Dragon” Chiang

Frazier Sr., James

All suffering with mental illness or disabilities

Gausman, Andrew

Armed Forces

Gebhardt, Jamie

Kent Gebhardt

Gnacinski, Greg

Of all disabled people, since I am disabled myself

Godoy, Isabela

Christopher Irish

Gotham, Scott

All of the Barber Center residents that can't complete it

Graves, Christopher

Lance Weyand

Groshek, Karen

Erik Groshek and Natalie Lafuria

Gutierrez, Angela

Mathew Serafin

Hawes, Christopher

My father

Helminski, Passle


Hodge, Adam

Leah Spellman

Hull, Marissa


Hunsaker, Kim

Mat Serafin

Janke, Jon

Sophie and Seth

Janke, Kim

Sophie and Seth

Jaszcz, Madi

My BFF Lauren

Johnson, Chad


Kaliszewski, Gregory

Our war hero’s

Kay, Daniel

Erik Groshek

Kellogg, Connie


Kipp, Andrew


Kipp, Susan


Komar, Mary Ann

Sophie and Seth

Konzel, Christine


Kunik, Lana

Francesco Rusnak

Lazeski, Jacquelyn

Adam, Cody, Cole and Emme

Lingsch, Bob

The Cause

Lohss, Shane

Emma Dull

Longo, Julian

Bill Nelson

McCall, Amy


McCall, Camryn


McCall, Nason


McCall, Scott


Mehler, Sara

Leah Spellman

Mikielski, Kaityln

Nana and Papa

Mikielski, Kevin

U.S. Military

Miller, Julie

Sophie and Seth

Morgan, Parker

Active military and veterans

Moroney, Jp

Fallen Fighters

Morris, Becky

Nichole Towsley

Moyer, Molly

Leah “Bug” Spellman

Murosky, Angie

Barber National Institute Clients

Nuwer, Jim

My parents

Owens, Joseph

Steven H. Owens

Owens, Lee

Steven H. Owens

Owens, Steven

Steven H. Owens

Pemberton, Merissa

Giovanni Bruno

Peters, Randie

Mathew Serafin

Peters, Ronald

Mathew Serafin

Peters, Rylee

Mathew Serafin

Phillips, Angelo

Erik Groshek

Pinto, Joseph

Ryan Carey

Quezada, Sarah


Rainey, Patrick

Christopher Rainey

Rauscher, Caleb

Brady McMillan

Rice, Jessica

My son

Riley, Gosha


Rossman, Dan

Law Enforcement

Rupp, David

My family

Scalia, Georgia


Sculea, Semion


Senger, Paul

Marie T. Senger

Serafin, James

Mathew Serafin

Serafin, Kim

Mathew Serafin

Serafin, Nathaniel

Mat Serafin

Simons, Krysta

Leah Spellman

Smeltz, Emily

Ian Smeltz

Smith, Oliver

Kaleb Schwarz

Sonney, Cristina

Debbie Samec

Sovesky, Jerry

Bill Nelson

Spellman, Mark

Leah Spellman - Bug

Steadman, Sarah


Strnad, Kelly


Strode, Amanda

Becky Shook

Taccone, Nick

Taccone Family

Tarasovitch, Ann Marie

Dale Morrison

Taylor, Julie

Mathew Serifin

Taylor, Scott

Mathew Serifin

Thiem, Kate

Judy & Sam Amatuzzo

Thompson, Quentin

Sophie and Seth

Troidl, Todd

Tamario Burkett

U, Renee

Ashley Sheridan

Ulrich, Cathy

Steven H. Owens

Uveges, Ryan

Ruth Anne Malone

Varee, Alex

Brady McMillen

Weismiller, Heidi

Brady McMillen

White, John

Those in need

Wienecke, Jadalynn

Kent Gebhardt

Wilmoth, Shelly

Class of 2022 ECBTP

Wingrove, Steven

Louis and Mary Rzymek

Wohlford, Dacey


Zemanek, Lauren

Jay Zemanek

Zielinski, Sadie

Erik Groshek and Natalie Lafuria

Zilhaver, McKayla

Mat Serafin

As of August 31, 2022.