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Who inspires you?  It can be tough to “beat the Beast” and motivation comes in different form.  Some people are inspired by a person in their lives living with a disability, a parent or teacher who has encouraged them, or a friend who has overcome their own challenges.

“I Beast 4” lets participants recognize those people who inspire them. Below are the names of our participants who are “beasting” in honor of someone special in their lives.  

Running the Beast for in honor or memory of someone? Use #IBEAST4 to let everyone know the reason for your Beast season!


Participant In Honor of
Adams Johnson, Brenda Linda Adams and Betty Holbert
Angiolelli, Lisa Matthew Serafin
Askey, Brett Ryder Farrington and Brady Mcmillan
Askey, Heather Brady mcmillan and Ryder Farrington
Baer, Andrew Amy Schmidt and Ruth Michaels
Baker, Jennifer Erie's Public School students!
Bimber, Tammy Sharon Rogers
Boulder, Tinukwa My Sister
Boyd, Brittany Samantha Boyd
Boyd, Robin Samantha Boyd
Byrd, Robert My Family and Girlfriend
Caprara, Molly Bug Spellman
Clark, William Anthony Clark
Collins, Madison Amy Schmidt
Collins, Will Amy Schmidt
Cooklis, Liana Thomas Jozwiak
Davis, Desiree Torsten Carlson and Emily Winters
DeAngelo, Paul Molly DeAngelo
Dugan, Megan Jenna Balko
Dunkle, Tom Brady Franklin
Dunkle, Wynne Brady Franklin
Feaster, Catherine Lindsey Hahn
Ferrell, Brett Jordan Hitzges
Ferrell, Doug My autistic boys.
Ferrell, Pam Jordan Hitzges and Brett Ferrell
Forinash, Greg Ken VanGiesen
Franklin, Amy Brady Franklin
Franklin, Shawn Brady Franklin
Gebhardt, Jamie Kent Gebhardt
Gnacinski, Greg All people with disabilities being i am disabled myself
Gibala, Justin Heart Stong
Gorecki, Jessica Kyle Oshlick
Goss, Tiffany Elaine Paris
Groner, Jonathan Carol Davis
Gutierrez, Angela Mathew Serafin
Hahn, Rebecca Lindsey Hahn
Hanson, Giovanny Dick Maycock
Hanson, Peggy Dick Maycock
Harwood, Melissa Gabe, Logan and Rylan Harwood
Henderson, Darcy Brady Franklin
Hitzges, Jordan Brett Ferrell
Hodge, Adam Leah Spellman
Hudson, Mark Richard Klimek
Jasen, Mark Walmart Hours
Joshi, Suraj My Team
Karns, Dawn Nathan, Carter and Alaina
Kay, Daniel Erik Groshek
Kelley, Skip (Howard) Lynda Kelley
Kerner, Robert Amy Schmidt
Kipp, Andrew Bug
Kipp, Susan Bug
Kowalewski, Brian Bob Kowalewski
Kunik, Lana Francesco Rusnak
L. Coppersmith, Amy Ashley Sheridan
Larson, Nicole Stephanie Baranski
Linn, Dawn Brady Franklin
Lunger, Todd Heart Strong
Markiewicz, Remy Justin Gibala
Maynard, Norman Cade Goodenow
McMillan, David Brady McMillan
McMillan, Jess Brady McMillan
Mehler, Sara Leah Spellman
Miller, Ashley Brady Franklin
Moyer, Sydney Leah Spellman
Nikitakis, John Amy Strayer
Nygaard, John My sons Michael and Jack, and my daughter Abby who is a great little sister to them!
Onderko, Heather Leah Spellman
Onderko, Kyle Bug
Rainey, Patrick Chris Rainey
Rettger, Ken Jennifer Kuhn
Rivera, Nicholas Friends and family
Roberts. Shelby My Mom
Rodriguez, Manny USAF
Rossman, Dan Every sports coach that mentored me growing up
Sawyer, Edie Josh Carlin
Schoenfeldt-White, Darcie Leah Spellman
Schultz, John Linda Schultz
Simons, Krysta Leah Spellman
Snyder, Rebecca Those who are fighting, those who have conquered, and those who were conquered.
Spaar, Elizabeth Mies Chiang
Spaar, Eric Mies Chiang
Spellman, Heather Leah Bug Spellman
Spellman, Mark Leah Spellman - "Bug"
Spellman, Matt Leah (Bug) Spellman
Spellman, Megan Leah Spellman
Spinelli Crail, Patty My brother Dave
Spriegel, Chris Ron Spriegel
Stockner, Megan Leah
Strayer, Kyle Amy Schmidt
Takach, Suzanne Brady Mcmillan
Tarasovitch, Ann Marie Dale Morrison
Tech, Jamie Michael Wright
Triana, Danielle Mathew Serafin
U, Renee Ashley Sheridan
Wade, Kimberly Matthew Serafin
Weismiller, Heidi Brady Mcmillan
Will, Alan Blinded Veterans
Will, Jared Blinded Veterans
Williams, Mark Greg Gnacinski
Williams, Michael Fallen Heros
Wuenschel, Mark Kelby
Yost, Lindsay Amy Schmidt
Zampino, Alyssa Maxton
Zampino, Anthony Maxton
Zielinski, Adam Erik Groshek and Natalie LaFuria
Zielinski, Sadie Erik Groshek and Natalie LaFuria
Ziesenheim, Erik Amy Schmidt

   Updated June 25, 2019

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