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Who inspires you?  It can be tough to “beat the Beast” and motivation comes in different forms.  Some people are inspired by a person in their lives living with a disability, a parent or teacher who has encouraged them, or a friend who has overcome their own challenges.

“I Beast 4” lets participants recognize those people who inspire them. Below are the names of our participants who are “beasting” in honor of someone special in their lives.  

Running the Beast for in honor or memory of someone? Use #IBEAST4 to let everyone know the reason for your Beast season!


Participant In Honor Of
Adams Johnson, Brenda My Mom And Grandma Betty
Andrzejczak, Desirae Andy Rettger
Angiolelli, Lisa Mathew Serafin
Anthony, Amanda Leah Spellman “Bug”
Anthony, John Leah Spellman “Bug”
Askey, Brett Brady and Ryder!
Askey, Heather Brady and Ryder!
Baker, Jennifer My supportive family!
Bennett, Michelle My Students
Bimber, Chris All those who cannot
Bimber, Tammy Sharon Rogers
Born, Shaelie Erik Groshek and Natalie LaFuria
Boyd, Robin Samantha Boyd
Burger, Richard Paul
Burroughs, Kacie Mathew Serafin
Burrows, Richard logan burrows
Byers, Aaron My wife
Casbohm, Aaron Brady McMillan
Conboy, Patty 911
Conti, Nathan My health
Continenza, Dan Mathew Serafin - Miles for Mathew
Crowe, Peggy Gertude Barber
Damcott, Nichole McKynleigh
DeAngelo III, Paul Teri DeAngelo
DeAngelo, Paul Paul DeAngelo III
Dobrich, James Blaize Cheeseman
Dugan, Andrew Jen Balko
Edminston, Jay Everyone
Edminston, Rachelle Everyone
Fair, Ana My Parents
Forman, Sara Jonathan
Fox, Grace Women everywhere
Frisina, Liam Family
Frisina, Lucas Family
Gates, Jason My Wife
Gebhardt, Jamie Kent Gebhardt
Gnacinski, Greg All people with disabilities
Green, Eric Charles Green
Gutierrez, Angela Mathew Serafin
Hagner, Thomas C Me
Haibach, Laurie Tommy Kieklak
Hellmann, Andy My Grandpa
Herbstritt, Shea My students
Hodge, Adam Leah Spellman
Houser, Laura My age
Huggler, Aaron Owen and Reagan Huggler
Huggler, Reanna Owen and Reagan Huggler
Hughes, Daniel The changing climate
Irwin, Nancy Piper Irwin
Jarvis, Robert Mathew Serafin
Jasen, Mark Beer makers
Kafferlin, Beth Haleigh Kafferlin
Kay, Daniel Erik Groshek
Keefer, Thad Laura Sampson
Kipp, Andrew Bug
Kipp, Jim Bug
Kipp, Susan Bug
Klimova-Magnotta, Olga Alyssa DeBlasio
Kuvshinikov, Julie Tommy Mantsch
Lazeski, Jacquelyn Adam, Cole, and Emme
Lubak, Lisa Janine Calabrese
Mikielski, Kaitlyn Nana/Delores Adamson
Mikielski, Kevin US Military
Mong, Jeremy Michelle, Noah, Addi and Eli
Morahan, Karen John Miceli
Moroney, Jp Fallen Firefighters
Moyer, Molly Leah “Bug” Spellman
Moyer, Sydney Leah Spellman
Nadolny, Linda Everyone
Onderko, Heather Bug
Orend, Jeannie Seneca Valley Adaptive PE
Perz, Dutch Those in need
Peters, Margaret The Renner Boys
Peters, Randie Mathew Serafin
Peters, Rylee Mathew Serafin
Quinn, Sarah Leah Spellman
Rainey, Patrick Christopher Rainey
Rauscher, Caleb Brady McMillan
Rettger, Ken Jen Kuhn
Reynolds, Michael The children at Barbor National Institute
riley, gosha Anthony
Rossman, Dan Past sports coaches
Ryan, Mariah Hannah Ryan
Schleicher, Jeff Maureen Ticich
Serafin, James Mathew Serafin
Serafin, Kim Mathew
Serafin, Nathan Mathew Serafin
Seuch, Rebecca My students
Sheldon, Guy Matthew Sarafin
Simons, Krysta Leah Spellman
Smeltz, Emily Ian Smeltz
Snyder, Rebecca Laura Sampson
Spellman, Mark Leah Spellman
Spellman, Megan Leah Spellman
Spinelli Crail, Patty David Spinelli Jr
Statkun, Sabrina Defeating obesity
Stockner, Megan Leah
Tarasovitch, Ann Marie Dale morrison
Thiem, Kate My Parents, Judy and Sam
Varee, W. Alex Brady McMillin
Wade, Kimberly Mat Serafin
Weismiller, Heidi Brady!!
Werner, Caryn Spellman family
Wienecke, Johnny Kent Gebhardt
Wingard, Andrea McKynleigh Goetzinger
Wisniewski, Bethany Karalynn Wisniewski
Wisniewski, Dylan Karalynn Wisniewski
Wojnarowski, Shannon Mat Serafin
Zaczkiewicz, Mary Those suffering with PTSD and Anxiety disorders
Zielinski, Adam Erik Groshek and Natalie LaFuria
Zielinski, Sadie Erik Groshek and Natalie LaFuria
Zilhaver, McKayla Mathew Serafin

As of March 17, 2020.





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