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I Beast In Honor Of

Who inspires you?  It can be tough to “beat the Beast” and motivation comes in different forms.  Some people are inspired by a person in their lives living with a disability, a parent or teacher who has encouraged them, or a friend who has overcome their own challenges.

“I Beast 4” lets participants recognize those people who inspire them. Below are the names of our participants who are “beasting” in honor of someone special in their lives.  

Running the Beast for in honor or memory of someone? Use #IBEAST4 to let everyone know the reason for your Beast season!


Ator, Pamela Jaclyn Grubbs
Atwood, Andrew Those that can't
Barac, Missy Luka Barac
Bartlett, Faith Ellen Bartlett
Berklite-Manzella, Kathleen My son, Michael who has Autism.
Boyd, Robin Samantha
Cage, Charity Veterans
Cook, Ann Jaclyn Grubbs
Coppersmith, Jerry Ashley Sheridan
L. Coppersmith, Amy Ashley Sheridan
Cuneo, Joe Vic Rotunda
Cuneo, Kevin Gene & Patricia Cuneo
Cuneo, Mary Vic Rotunda
Cuneo, Sean Vic Rotunda
Dobrich, James Blaize Cheeseman
Fling, Kathy Dr Gertrude Barber
Franklin, Amy Brady Franklin
Franklin, Shawn Brady Franklin
Green, Donnie Donnie Green
Helminski, Passle Jason
Henderson, Darcy Brady Franklin
Hullihen, Anna Mental health
Janukites, Johnni Cooper Federoff
Laskowski, Sandra Alan Will
Major, Linda Your Barber employees
Manzella, Joseph My son, Michael, who has Autism
Manzella, Michael Of myself since I have Autism and have competed in the Adaptive Course since the start
Mercer, Debra ELBS students, families and staff
Milam, Bunny Jaclyn Grubbs
Moyer, Molly Leah “Bug” Spellman
Nothum, Keri Ellie Poling
Owens, Lee Steven H Owens
Peterson, Jack Jaclyn Grubbs
Peterson, Lori Jaclyn Grubbs
Rutkowski, Charlie Gertrude Barber
Rutkowski, Jim Gertrude Barber
Rutkowski, Maggie Gertrude Barber
Rutkowski, Mary Gertrude Barber
Rutkowski, Natalie Gertrude Barber
Schubert, Patricia Ann Aunt Elaine, Dad, Mom, Laurie, Uncle Rich, Mr. Cordell
Serafin, Kim Mathew Serafin
Serafin, Mathew Myself
Slomski, Lisa Andrew Syrek
Smeltz, Emily Ian Smeltz
Stevens, Ellen Ryan Elder/Tim Elder
Still, Rebecca My children, Spencer & Elliette
Sullivan, Christene Ashley Lindenmuth
Sutcliff, Will Gertrude Barber
U, Renee Ashley Sheridan
Wallis, Andrea Those that support me
Will, Erin Alan Will
Will, Jared Alan Will
Wilson, Ann Jarebear
Wilson, Rob Jarebear
Yandrick, Claire Myself
Yandrick, Pamela Claire Yandrick
Yandrick, Robert Claire Yandrick

As of September 9, 2020.









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