Barber Beast Adapted Course

Course Obstacles Include:

Feed the Beast

Feed the Beast – He's hungry and in need of nutrition for the big day!

  • Stand throwing distance away from the board
  • Toss bean bags to the board until one goes into the mouth
  • Feed the beast a total of three bean bags

Beast's Cave Obstacle
Beast's Cave
– Now that he's fed, sneak through the cave while he sleeps!

  • Enter the cave walking or rolling
  • Weave through lightly weighted hanging obstacles

Cannon Ball Shuttle

Cannon Ball Shuttle – Ready your cannonball, it's time to roll!

  • Choose a ball from a selection that varies in weight - kickball to a bowling ball
  • Lifting a ball or rolling one in your lap, carry your ball about 30 feet
  • Put the ball into an opening less than 3 feet off the ground
  • Roll ball through the cannon

 Beastly Bell Ringer

Beastly Bell Ringer – Ring to the world that you are at the Beast on the Bay!

  • Go up a wheelchair accessible ramp that crosses over the Waldameer Railroad
  • At the top of the ramp grab hold of a rope and ring the Beastly Bell
  • Go back down the same accessible ramp

Ship Shape

Ship Shape – Let's do the limbo!

  • Choose a height of a series of bars
  • Roll under, duck under or crawl under the bar

Bucket Brigade

Bucket Brigade – Fill a bucket of water and raise the bucket with a pulley

  • Using a scoop, fill a bucket with water
  • Carry your bucket from the table to lift area
  • Grip on to the rope
  • Pull the full bucket to the top of the pulley

Row Your Boat

Row Your Boat – Don't give up the ship!

  • Roll or walk up a small ramp to sit on a bench or in your chair
  • Grab hold of an oar with one or both hands to make a series of rowing movements
  • As you row, the flag on the bow of the boat will rise
  • Continue rowing until the flag flies at full mast

Watering Hole Watering Hole – Cool off after all those obstacles.

  • Wade or roll a wheelchair in the shallow end of the Waldameer Wave Pool
  • Throw a beach ball through a hula hoop  

On to the finish line where you will receive your medal! 

Have questions?  Check out our Adapted Course Frequently Asked Questions!


*Obstacles are subject to change