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Who inspires you?  It can be tough to “beat the Beast” and motivation comes in different form.  Some people are inspired by a child in their lives living with a disability, a parent or teacher who has encouraged them, or a friend who has overcome their own challenges.

“I Beast 4” lets participants recognize those people who inspire them. Below are the names of our participants who are “beasting” in memory of someone special in their lives.  

Running the Beast for in honor or memory of someone? Use #IBEAST4 to let everyone know the reason for your Beast season!


Participant In Memory of
Adkins, Brittany Jack Parker
Alterio, Mara Matt Alterio
Ames, Ron Howard Ames
Banach, Kimberly Mom
Barber, Patrick Gertrude Barber
Bartlett, Randall Norman F. Bartlett
Basile, Maria My Dad
Bean, Andrew James "Dan" Bean
Bebko, Penny Bill Melius
Bender, Kaylan Vincent "Tony" Samec
Bernik, Brianna Tim Farrell
Blank, Cassandra Lynn Perry
Blank, Jess Lynn Perry
Bombalski, Alyssa My Pap
Capwill, Wayne Mom and Dad
Cardinale, Jodi Pasquale Cardinale
Check, Brianna Denise Dorrion and John Check
Check, Connor Denise Dorrion and John Check
Cyparski, Nicole George A. Nicholes
Dembinski, Joseph my parents
Dvoranchik, Stephen Bill and Toni Dvoranchik
Edwards, Courtney Rosemarie Ferrara
Fair, Jeff Richard Mc Henry
Falk, Joseph Michael "Crow" Crotty
Forinash, Greg Ken VanGiesen
Fritz, Andrew Daniel L. Fritz
Grassi, Lisa Jamie Mozur
Herman, Jodi Deanna Zielinski
Highfill, Damian Michelle Leffingwell
Highfill, Sherry Michelle Leffingwell
Homan, Benjamin Patricia Homan
Kalie, Dan Dan Mikula
Kelly, Brian Our son Page
kowalewski, kristin Frank Genovese
Mathewson, Mariana Robert Kennedy
McCarthy, Bethany Jane Zimmerman
McCoy, Kerry Donna McCoy
Mead, Jamie Mom and Dad
Mead, Karen Sandra Mead & Francis Mead
Mook, Bekah Uncle Ken
Morgan, Laini Richard Miller
Morgan, Linda Richard Miller
Morgan, Pete Richard Miller
Nagel, Jeffrey Robert Nagel
Nagel, Suzanne Robert Nagel
Niebauer, Sam Kevin A Lent
Niskanen, Jaci Robert Niskanen
Oler, Danny Dan Oler
Orelski, Darrell Margaret Campbell
Palermo, Amy Mike Palermo
Pietrasiewicz, Jean Gerry LaRiccia
Pikulik, Andrey Matthew and Michael Pikulik
Polatas, Holly Zoe
Power, Caroline Richard and Maureen Power
Randle, Jason Thomas Randle
Rauscher, Jim George Rauscher
Rizzo, Melissa Virginia Brown
Robinson, Sara Lou Fratrich
Smith, Alice Robert Ritts
Sonney, Cristina Lynn Perry
Stolz, Jeremy Sam Stolz
Stuyvesant, Blakely Carly Combs
Tellers, Andy Mary Tellers
Terwilliger, Laura Luke LaBolle
Turner, Kali Luke LaBolle
Visalle, Deanna Bert Pauling
Wassinger, Jay Walter Wassinger
Weese, Mike Jax Stone & Dan Parry
Weismiller, Ron Richard Junior Weismiller
Weller, Matt Margorie North, Sara and Michael Weller
Weller, Paul Sara and Michael Weller
Williams, Joshua Danielle & Jacob
WILLIAMS, MARK Margaret Destino
Williams, Michael Margaret Destino
Wingrove, Mary Louis and Mary Rzymek
Wonderling, Lisa Russell Linkerhoff

As of March 17, 2020.





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