I Beast 4

I Beast in Memory Of

Who inspires you?  It can be tough to “beat the Beast” and motivation comes in different forms.  Some people are inspired by a child in their lives living with a disability, a parent or teacher who has encouraged them, or a friend who has overcome their own challenges.

“I Beast 4” lets participants recognize those people who inspire them. Below are the names of our participants who are “beasting” in memory of someone special in their lives.  

Running the Beast for in honor or memory of someone? Use #IBEAST4 to let everyone know the reason for your Beast season!

Participant Name

In Memory

Alterio, Mara

Matt Alterio

Bartlett, Randall

Norman F. Bartlett

Basile, Maria


Blank, Cassandra

Louella Johannes

Brady, Chris

Jeff Brady

Brogdon, Dennis

Mom and Dad

Brown, Anthony

Tom Brown

Burkey, Kevin

Mary Grace Burkey

Burleigh, Jillian

Larry McIntyre

Capwill, Wayne

Cherie Nelson

Check, Brianna

Denise Dorrion

Check, Connor

Denise Dorrion

Continenza, Maria

Jeff Tebaldi

Coulthart, Natasha

Wanda Coulthart

Courteau, Albert

Ron Phillis

Cyparski, Nicole

George A. Nicholes

Digiacomo, Anthony

SgtMaj Jay Rudd, USMC

Dominick, Chelsea

Ray Levay

Dvoranchik, Stephen

Bill and Toni Dvoranchik

Earley, Michelle

John Frazzini (Papa)

Fair, Ana

Mario Arenas

Fair, Jeff

Yetta & Richard McHenry

Faulkner, Jonathan

Debbie Faulkner

Fileger, Donald

Donald Fileger Sr.

Forinash, Greg

Ken VanGiesen

Fox, Grace

Jennifer Robbins

Fragale, Robert


Fresch, Amy

Alice Tremper

Fresch, Brandon

Bob Fresch

Fritz, Andrew

Daniel Fritz

Gochoco, Jason

Joe Ermilio

Grotkowski, Kary


Gruber, Christina

Mike Gruber

Guianen, Michelle

Gale Scott

Harrick, Isaiah

Lawrence McGranahan

Harris, Heather

Sophia Yurcak, Andy Yurcak and Sarah Dewoody

Hellmann, Andy

Joseph Hellmann

Highfill, Damian


Highfill, Sherry


Homan, Ben

Dr. Matthew Caster

Huson, Christine

Art Fish

Jasen, Mark

My father

Kelly, Brian

Our son, Page

King, Rebecca

My grandmother, Rita Barickman

Kitcho, Emily

My grandparents

Klein, Jonathan


Klingensmith, Chris

Jesse Verga

Kvarta, Adam

My dad, Bruce Kvarta

Larson, Morgan


Larson, Nicole

Ray Rogan

Lauer, Tamra

Mac Lauer

Lindahl, Anna

Curtis Robinette

Lindahl, Travis

Curtis Robinette

Luther, Gene

Kay O'Nuhfer

Luther, Sara

Marlene Donaldson

MacWilliams, Tiger

Greg Brosius

Martinez, Gabriel


McCallen, Mikayla

Gabby Strong

McConnell, Charles

Chuck McConnell

McNamara, Elizabeth

Ron Phillis

Meyer, Brian

Lee Weidner

Michali, Scott

Mike Gruber

Mintsiveris, Anne

Jax Stone

Moldovan, Alex

Marlene J Burns

Mook, Bekah

Uncle Ken

morgan, pete

Richard Miller

Niebauer, Sam

Bubby Lent

Niskanen-Carey, Kelly


Paup, Toni

Jim Collins

Perz, Dutch

Fallen comrades

Rizzo, Melissa

Virginia Brown and Donald Munger

Robinson, Sara

Barbara Pilling

Rockefeller, Sarah

Anna Louise Hisey

Romanski, Tim

Steve McKenrick

Rzymek, Michael

Louis and Mary Rzymek

Sands, Cammie

Family and Loved Ones

Santucci, William

Dan Lee

Schohn, Steve

Russell Pallone

Schoonover, Mike

Brooke Elizabeth

Shankle, Charles

Cameron Marshall

Shankle, Shelley

Cameron Marshall

Skufza, Stephen

Jerry "Jerome " Bals

Smith, Bretton

Eugene Rougeux

Sonney, Christopher

Brother and Sisters who have been taken by Covid

Spriegel, Chris


Stephanson, Sydney

William Woerner Sr.

Stolz, Jeremy

Sam Stolz

Strong, Gavin

Gabby Heming

Sturgill, Amber

Bill Tobias

Teitman, Fred

Jeff Tebaldi

Teliski-Langford, Kimberly

Frank Teliski (dad)

Tenney, Whitney

Lynn Firth

Thiem, John

Mom and Dad

Tomlin, Jaci

Robert Niskanen

Vaugh, Laurie

Family and Loved Ones

Visalle, Deanna

Bert Pauling

von Eckartsberg, Rolf-Tonio

Maximilian and Gottfried Penzel

Weese, Mike

Jax Stone

Wencil, Sue

My Parents

White, Nate

Dave Herr

Wilson, Becky

Gilda Willert

Wingrove, Mary

Louis and Mary Rzymek

Yezzi, Bethann

Jax Stone

Yingling, Andrea

Doug Yingling

Zimmerman, Joanie

Family and Loved Ones

Zuccaro, Cindy

Family and Loved Ones

As of August 31, 2022.