Biggest Obstacle Course Race

Erie, PA

Do you have what it takes to Beat the Beast?  Presque Isle State Park is gorgeous, but the Barber Beast on the Bay is no walk in the park.  This year we have 30 obstacles to challenge you through water, sand, and trails!  Check out the obstacles for Erie, PA's biggest obstacle course race on September 11, 2021! 

Scroll over photos of this year's new and revised obstacles to find out what's in store!

ArmageddonWater Wall
Crawl WallPhragmites
jailbreak.jpg40 Foot Wall
Inverted Monkey BarsWalk the Plank
Big PipesHit the Deck
Trail TestCharlotte's Revenge
Trench WarfareTeeter Totter
Tail of the BeastTeeth of the Beast
Triangles of TerrorOne Bell of An Obstacle
Tire TrapOver Under
Angle WrangleWeight A Minute
Rings of FireIron Curtain
Quarter Piperope-race.jpg
Stairway to HeavenMoguls
Waldameer HillWave Pool