I BEAST 4 2016 - In Memory of

Who inspires you?  It can be tough to “beat the Beast” and motivation comes in different form.  Some people are inspired by a child in their lives living with a disability, a parent or teacher who has encouraged them, or a friend who has overcome their own challenges.

“I Beast 4” lets participants recognize those people who inspire them. Below are the names of our participants who are “beasting” in memory of someone special in their lives.  

Running the Beast for in honor or memory of someone? Use #IBEAST4 to let everyone know the reason for your Beast season!

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Participant In Memory of
Allen, Benjamin Mark Conti
Ames, Ron Michael Perry
Andrzejczak, Desirae Judith and David Doty
Angelo, Sarah Mabel & Don Holodnak
Brieger, Julie John Byers
Cahill, Kathleen Sr. Mary Gerald McDermott
Chaffin, Susan My dad
Chambers, Caleb Erwin Martin
Chambers, Nichole Pickles
Cherpak, Nathan Muhammad Ali
Coccia, Tina Ethan
Cyparski, Nicole George A. Nicholes
Cyparski, Pat George A. Nicholes
Cyparski, Samantha George A. Nicholes
DeAngelo, III, Paul Papa DeAngelo
Donn, Sierra Bette Williams
elliott, carol Jane Grunden
Gilbert, Angel Bob Marten
Heffernan, Karee Mary Vogan
Kelly, Brian Our son, Page Kelly
Kennedy, Becky Gramps Johnny Byers
Kennedy, Rebecca Grampa John Byers
Kisiel, Kristie Louis Sidun
Lawrence, Brenda Thomas Richter
Maynard, Norman Wayne C Maynard
Mead, Traci Beatrice 'Gram' Skodis, Joe Skodis, Aunts Martha Skodis; Jean & Erna.
Meyer, Brian Lee Weidner
Miller, Michael Lora Miller
Morgan, Pete Kevin Horanic
Niebauer, Sam Kevin A Lent
Orelski, Darrell Steve Lemock
Ranney, Dale John Ranney
Rodland, Jean Kevin
Scarnati, Chris Denise Stablein
Simora, Angela Dr. Felix Simora
Simora, Antonio Dr. Felix Simora
Simora, Bryon Dr. Felix Simora
Simora, Eric Dr. Felix Simora
Simora, Gabriella Dr. Felix Simora
Simora, Robert Dr. Felix Simora
Skiff, Janet Trey, our son
Skiff, Rod Trey, our son
Spriegel, Chris Jim Terry
thompson, jim Donny Thompson
Weller, Matt Margorie North, Michael Weller, Sara Weller & Kay Brown
Weller, Paul Sara & Michael Weller & George Subassic
Wickwire, Gary Shane





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