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I Beast In Honor Of

Who inspires you?  It can be tough to “beat the Beast” and motivation comes in different form.  Some people are inspired by a person in their lives living with a disability, a parent or teacher who has encouraged them, or a friend who has overcome their own challenges.

“I Beast 4” lets participants recognize those people who inspire them. Below are the names of our participants who are “beasting” in honor of someone special in their lives.  

Running the Beast for in honor or memory of someone? Use #IBEAST4 to let everyone know the reason for your Beast season!

I Beast for

ParticipantIn Honor of
Alguire, Tom Alexis Alguire
Anthony, Amanda Leah (BUG) Spellman
Anthony, Jen Leah (BUG) Spellman
Anthony, Jeremiah Leah (BUG) Spellman
Anthony, John Leah (BUG) Spellman
Bardo, Susan Friends who inspire me
Barnett, Courtney Leah (BUG) Spellman
Basile, Maria John Dean
Bauer, Amy Kim Bauer
Bauer, Bryan Kim Bauer
Bellotti, Marc Police Officers
Bimber, Chris All of those who can't
Boren, John Jennifer Kuhn
Boren, Susan Jennifer Kuhn
Bowers, Barbara Donna and Charlotte
Budacki, Jamison Family
Burrows, Richard Logan Burrows
Capela, Amy Shelley Tomcho
Caprara, Molly Leah (BUG) Spellman
Check, Brianna Ryder Check
Coppersmith, Amy Ashley Sheridan
DeAngelo, Paul Paul DeAngelo III
Dlugas, David Haleigh Kafferlin
Dobrich, James Blaise, Blake, and Brice
Dreistadt, Trill My Mother
Eller, Patrick Braelyn Eller
Faulhaber, Angie Erik Groshek & Natalie LaFuria
Ferloin, Vince Alex Johnson
Ferrell, Brett Jordan Hitzges
Ferrell, Pam Jordan Hitzges and Brett Ferrell
Frost, Robb Erik Groshek
Geer, Connor Gannon University DPT 2018
Gehrlein, Timothy Amy Vallimont
Geer, Krista Leah (BUG) Spellman
Gill, Bobbi Jo Sammi
Gill, Tina Sammi
Gnacinski, Greg People with Disabilities being I have CP
Gorecki, Jessica Kyle Oshlick
Grate, Ben Voice of the Martyrs
Gressley Rettger, Jessica Jennifer Kuhn
Groshek, Karen Erik Groshek
Gutierrez, Angela Mathew Serafin
Gutknecht, Kevin My Wife Heather and a new life courtsey of UPMC #gastricsleeve
Hamilton, Kathryn Natalie LaFuria
Hamilton, Shelly Natalie LaFuria
Hahn, Pamela The HAHN Kids
Heath, Robert My Daughter Sophie Heath
Heibel, Jonathan Christine Heibel
Hellmann, Andrew My Grandpa
Hitzges, Jordan Brett Ferrell
Hodge, Adam Leah (BUG) Spellman
Hodges, Brianne Natalie LaFuria
Irwin, Tiffany Mathew Serafin
Janukites, Johnni My Nephew Cooper Fedderolf
Kay, Daniel Erik Groshek
Kelly, Elizabeth Kelly Anne Witchcoff
Kipp, Susan Leah (BUG) Spellman
Koziel, Sarah My buddy
LaFuria, Elaine Natalie LaFuria
LaFuria, Ellen Natalie LaFuria
LaFuria, Natalie Natalie LaFuria
Langer, Tracy Matt and Jeff Duska
Latzo, Michele Natalie LaFuria
Lupo, Rebecca Sarah Lupo
Mead, Karen Frank P Mead, Bette Williams and Hank Norland
Merritt, Laura Kane, Kevin, Brett, Jordan, Erik and Natalie
Meyer, John Brett
Meyer, Lisa Brett
Morelli, Anthony My Family, Friends and for Those Who Can't
Moroney, JohnPaul Fallen Fire Fighters
Myers, Patti Jordan, Brett, Natalie, Joshua, Sam, Darryl, Bryan and Keagan
Peters, Margaret The Renner Boys
Peters, Randie Mathew Serafin
Peters, Ronald Mathew Serafin
Rettger, Ken Jennifer Kuhn
Riley, Gosha Dylan
Sabol, Steve Seamus Culligan
Serafin, Kim Mathew Serafin
Siliano, Mari My mom, Jeri Taylor
Simons, Krysta Leah (BUG) Spellman
Skinner, Colin My friend Nathan
Skinner, Melissa Jordan, Brett, and Natalie
Slivinski, Cindy Kacy and Karson
Smeltz, Aaron Ian Smeltz
Smeltz, Emily Ian Smeltz
Snyder, Justin American Soldiers
Spellman, Mark Leah Spellman
Spellman, Megan Leah Spellman
Stauffer, Marla Breast cancer
Stockner, Megan Leah (BUG) Spellman
Stovall, Kristina My Family
Styn, Anne Sandy
Tarasovitch, Ann Marie Dale Morrison
Thomas-Burek, Stephanie Natalie LaFuria
Thompson, Kristin M.E.K.
Wienczkowski, Allan Fallen US Military
Yusz, Olivia David Yusz
Zielinski, Adam

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