2018 Barber Beast on the Bay

10 Mile Course Race Results

You beat the Beast!  Well done!  Now you want to know your time and how you compare to others out there?  Race results are here!

2018 First Place WinnersChad Gross, 29, of Cambridge Springs, PA,  Beat the Beast in an hour and 14 minutes and 35 seconds, taking first place for the men.  Andrew Hellmann, 29, or Erie, PA took second at an hour and 19 minutes and 6 seconds.  Jason Johnson, 33, of Girard, PA, took third with an hour and 24 minutes and 23 seconds.

KoreyAnne Smith, 25, of Bell Vernon, PA, Beat the Beast in an hour and 42 minutes and 39 seconds, placing first for the women!  Kate Thiem, 33, of Erie, PA, placed second for women in the Elite Wave in an hour and 58 minutes and 21 seconds. Jess Calabrese, 33, of Erie, PA placed third for women in the Elite Wave with two hours and two minutes and 26 seconds.